Bands don’t even bother to get old as metalcore before they switch to Nu metal anymore

Wage War is a christian metalcore band that sounds exactly like you think that should sound like. Clean. Processed. Concise. Inoffensive. Also unoriginal and overall not interesting. Scene kids have low standards these days, so this band rose to the type of the hype mountain quick.

The next album? Well apparently it’s going to be nu metal. Most metalcore bands get a few records under their belt, run out of ideas and “go back to their roots” with a record that sounds like 1999 but mixed today. One record. They put of a SINGLE record before they trend hopped.

So here’s what we’re looking at. It’s modern sounding. Too modern. Everything is clipping. A trained ear will hear the entire mix bus clipping at times. The guitars are crunchy, but not in a distorted amp sort of way, more in a “someone went ham with a limiter and clipped the shit out it” sort of way. The drums are flat, hollow, and quiet. The vocal is straight up Hatebreed. No clean vocal in sight. A 2-step part? Natural harmonics? Whammy pedal? For fuck’s sake man… could this GET any more by-the-numbers?

Overall, the song is forgettable, just like the Of Mice and Men record that tried the exact same tactic. No hook. Nothing ground breaking or interesting. Just another metalcore band trend-hopping because the chug life wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.


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