Can we talk about how abysmal this new Linkin Park single is?

“Heavy”. They named the song “Heavy”.

As a band I grew up with that I had a pretty strong association to as a metal band, they sure have gone some weird directions in the last 1o years. In the late 2000’s they made their transition from nu-metal/rap metal to slightly aggressive, often artsy radio rock with a decent emphasis on electronics, as they always did. The rapping vocals got less and less frequent, the choruses got bigger and bigger, and the band that I knew as an angsty metal band grew into something else. I was completely fine with this.

But seriously… what the FUCK am I listening to?

try it for yourself


Nu metal turned into some kind of Twenty-One Pilots meets RnB radio single. The similarity to that shitty Wiz Khalifa “See You Again” mind-eraser is painful. Some unknown but vaguely mediocre female pop vocalist takes over the chorus and second verse. No guitars to speak of. The drums are live in the chorus compared to the strong electronic feel in the verses. The edgiest part of this song is the single use of the word “fuck”.

And they called the song fucking “Heavy”. This is the most bland pop drivel they have ever spit out and it has an ironic insult for a title? Come on guys… This feels the same as Weezer continuing to put out terrible music and pretending we are supposed to like it. Sure, it’s those guys. And they are kinda back to form, even wrote a (bad) song about doing things the old way. They are standing on stage, aging before our eyes going “Look guys! It’s us! Remember? Things are just like they used to be!”. But its all contrived pop shit.

If I’m perfectly honest, it ISN’T a terrible song. It is an abortion of a Linkin Park song. You know what would make this amazing? If the verses were rapped/sung by LP’s very own (and completely absent) Mike Shinoda. A rapper. A fairly interesting rapper that released a moderately successful solo rap album over a decade ago. Well… successful might be a reach. It had 2 singles people have heard of and forgot about and I really liked it. Release this as a Fort Minor song and I would be praising it as the second coming of Shinoda.

But no… it’s Linkin Park, and it sucks shit.

Here’s a trip down memory lane that will further prove my point

and more to the point….


See? They already did this, and it worked. People loved this song.

Just give it up guys. Let Shinoda spread his wings and stop stomping on your legacy.



One thought on “Can we talk about how abysmal this new Linkin Park single is?

  1. Pop is invading every genre. Look at Country music. The new shit is all pop BS. I liked Linking Park during their 1st 2 CDs. Then they slowly went downhill. This POS called Heavy? I flipped thru it. No need to hear it all. Maybe their next CD they can get Adele in studio!


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