Atreyu releases second single from new album “Start to Break”

I did a pretty length write-up on the last Atreyu single. The history lesson is all here.

“Start to Break” opens in a very Atreyu fashion, a big open catchy lead over steady moving chords and drums. Next comes some chop and the throaty assault of Alex Varkatzas. Very “Crimson” so far. Some gang vocals in a pre-chorus, and then the sweet vocals of drummer Brandon Saller.

And the second verse is a breakdown. Thank god. No softy bullshit. No letting up. Full on assault. Classic Atreyu.

The bridge offers some space, a textural acoustic guitar, and some co-op vocal work, followed by a fairly comprehensive guitar solo. My issues with Big Dan are well known, but he kept it together on this one.

Nothing spectacular happens on “Start to Break”. We are back to status quo, and given the unreliable nature of the last couple releases, that is absolutely a good thing.

I am even more excited for the album now and look forward to writing a full review


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