If you told me in 2001 that Nu Metal was going to come back in 2015…

Seriously. What. The. Fuck.

Breaking Benjamin has a #1 record. People care about the new Disturbed single. Metalcore bands are slowly turning into 90’s music. This is madness.

The new Of Mice and Men record is full of radio riffs. It is completely reminiscent of tough guy radio rock bands from the early 2000’s.

The last two Bring Me the Horizon records sounded like 30 Seconds to Mars got buttbanged by Nirvana and their child was in drop B tuning.

Meanwhile, Papa Roach is writing their most modern music to date, erroneously getting called “djent” by shitty metal blogs, and being a different frontman away from being signed to Rise Records. Sure, they slip a couple rap metal songs on the albums, but the singles off the last 2 records have been borderline metalcore. Close enough that they wrote a mid tempo song with some choppy bounce and some dickhead called them a djent band and pissed off the entire internet (particularly the djent kids).

I get that every style of music has its comeback. 80’s metal came roaring back into our metalcore and post hardcore scenes in 2005. Atreyu, Halifax, Scary Kids Scaring Kids, all guilty. Funky music has made an odd appearance in the pop songs of the last couple years. Pharrell and Robin Thicke wrote that rapey 60’s jam. Adele brought back Janis Joplin and molded it with Elton John. Bruno Mars’ entire discography is a throwback. Disco’s time has not come again, and thank Cthulu for that. Bell bottom jeans and platform shoes came back in the 90’s but the music stayed dead and in the ground where it belongs.

But goddamn… I never thought that the most universally panned generation of metal would slowly slip its way into the underground metal scene. Next thing we know, some pop singer will try to work 20’s big band into a radio sensation about body acceptance.

Oh right. That happened.


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