The Wonder Years releases “Cardinals”

And here you thought I was going to bitch about absolutely everything.

That was a fair assumption, even if it was an incorrect one. Once in a very great while a new song or album comes along that actually makes my hair stand on end. Seriously, I listened to this song at least 7 times today, and I had chills every time.

So for those who have been under a rock for a couple years, in mid 2013, The Wonder Years released an absolute masterpiece called “The Greatest Generation”. It is literally perfect from end to end. On prior releases, I can pick out small parts I didn’t care for; production flubs, the occasional flat vocal, very minimal nitpicky bullshit that I really wish I could be blissfully ignorant to. I don’t really care for “Get Stoked On It” and it would turn out that neither do they.


“The Greatest Generation” gets played in my house at least once a week. I listen to it at work all the time. It still hits just as hard as the first time. It marked a move to a slightly less pop punk feel, and more in the direction of a really laid back hardcore band that listened to the radio a lot. It’s hard to describe, but this clearly the new sound of The Wonder Years. Soupy is finally in control of his voice, and he uses this newfound power to punch people RIGHT in the feels.

I can relate so much that it sent me into a cardiac infarction

I’m not tired of the last album and TWY is like “Hey Bacon, you want a new song?” and I’m like “Yeah, dudes, hit me with it”. And boy did it hit hard.


First of all, the entire song is in 3/4 time, which any of my musician friends know means that I am going to be immediately in love with it. If Coldplay wrote all of their generic, non-offensive white people bullshit in 3/4 time, I would have no choice but to like it. Swing time. Waltz time. It just moves me. It took about 2 minutes of this song until I realized it was in my favorite time signature.

We open with something that might remind you of some 90’s emo. I promise that’s not an insult. Then Soupy starts to yell. He sounds seconds away from crying. Immediate chills. A slight return to the intro riff, and the chorus comes.

“If you call me back or let me in/I swear, I’ll never let you down again/I know the devil you’ve been fighting with/I swear I’ll never let you down again.”

Did you feel that? Did you hear that? That’s the sound of your heart caving in. If you follow the progression of The Wonder Years, you realize that each record is a snapshot of where Soupy was when the album was written, seasoned with old stories. The attitude shifts wildly between albums. “The Greatest Generation” is the first time that we realize he is growing. He becomes self aware. His depression is a disease and he knows what he does to people. Reflecting on his youth and how it made him what he is, for better or worse.

You fast forward to “Cardinals” and we find him realizing that his neuroses has left him in a daze and he missed all the signs that someone else was suffering. He was lost in his head and fears that it is too late to save someone he cares about from a condition that he knows all too well. This is a new perspective and I am incredibly excited to see where it goes.

As far as the music goes, we have a huge dynamic range. Drums and bass are exceptionally on point as usual. Guitars are typical TWD. Vocals are the best they have ever been. This record is going to be absolutely incredible. Looking forward to its release in early September.


Watch this video about a hundred times. I know I am going to. This album will make my best of the year, I am calling that shot already.


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