Slid across my desk, Colony Collapse EP

At the suggestion of a friend, I took a few listens to a band I had not heard before, Pennsylvania’s Colony Collapse. Seemingly released in February 2016, What Weighs Us Down Keeps Us Grounded is an adventurous 5 song romp. Overall, this is going to be positive, but in usual Brandpa fashion, I’ve got to nitpick […]

Northlane (narrowly) doesn’t disappoint

In the past few weeks, every new thing to come out has pissed me off in ways I didn’t even believe possible. Northlane’s “Citizen” is a gasp of mediocre air. Especially given what a massive disappointment 2015’s “Node” was. The first single was great, and the rest of the record absolutely failed to deliver. The […]

Volumes is a joke band now, right?

Dude. What the fuck is this?   it’s 3 separate songs slammed together. A bad “djent” metalcore song, some terrible rap set to nu-metal, and a radio rock song from the early 2000’s. I don’t know what a Pouya is, but it said “let my dingaling swing” and I want it dead. This is a […]

New Found Glory Drops Another Shrug-worthy Track

I recently mentioned how bad NFG let me down in high school with Coming Home. They have since put out a second edition of From the Screen to Your Stereo, the triumphant Not Without A Fight, the dreadfully boring Radiosurgery and most recently Resurrection. Radiosurgery was their attempt at reliving their youth with some fun  and simple songs, which came […]